Entrustody is the next generation advisor ecosystem

a modern, digital-first platform blazing a new frontier by  empowering experiences for both our advisors and their clients.

Introducing Natural Language Processing

Designed with you in mind


VEA, our digital assistant powered by Natural Language Processing with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, assists your firm with any task—whether searching for a client, identifying drift, or isolating portfolio anomalies. VEA also enables firms to do more—suggesting what daily tasks are most important that day, so you can spend more time with clients.



Entrustody was born out of the belief that advisors and their clients deserve better

A digital pioneer

Driven by the desire to improve the ecosystem


Efficiency Driving Growth

VEA, our digital assistant powered by Natural Language Processing with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, assists your firm with any task—whether searching for a client, identifying drift, or isolating portfolio anomalies. VEA also enables firms to do more—suggesting what daily tasks are most important that day.


Meaningful Integrations

65% of advisor time is spent on administration and portfolio maintenance. With our technology, instantly connect your favorite technologies to our custodial platform with bi-directional communication allowing you to work more seamlessly.


User Experience First

50% of high-net-worth (HNW) and affluent clients say their primary wealth manager should improve digital capabilities across the board. Unencumbered by legacy technology and back-office systems, our state-of-the-art technology is built with the user in mind - frictionless, fast, and friendly.


Fee Transparency

Only 55% of investors trust their advisors to charge them fairly. The major custodians perpetuate non-fiduciary practices through hidden fees on products that advisors are forced to pass on to investors. At Entrustody, we enhance the advisor-investor relationship by providing a custody solution that allows advisors to be fully aligned and transparent with their clients.


Entrustody is a modern alternative

Unlike many incumbent custodians, we are built from the ground up on cutting edge technology, empowering you - the investor - to do more with your money. We set off on a mission to free wealth enterprises from legacy offerings to new heights

Easy to use

We built our technology offering with the advisor and end investor in mind. All of our digital experiences are easy to use, fast, and extremely reliable. Once you experience the Entrustody offering, you will quickly understand why.

From brands you can trust

Behind our technology, we use some of the most storied financial institutions to provide the back-end support for our offering. Your money will be safe with us, using RBC and UMB for record-keeping and cash management.

Security first

Not only are we a Member of FINRA/SIPC, but our technology offering leverages state-of-the-art settings to keep your information safe. We use the latest encryption protocols, stored on the highest-security servers, and are constantly monitored for threats.

Unified financial data

Entrustody understands the importance of advisors and their investors getting the "big picture" of their finances state, before making decisions that impact your clients' lives. We work with the most reliable, trusted partners to give you the insight you need to make the right decision.

Built for speed

Not only is our technology cutting-edge, but so our are workflows. With Entrustody, you can open an account entirely online in minutes - no signatures required! - and can then take action immediately. We are built for the bold.


Unlike many other custodians, our tools enable the advisor and the investor the ability to work alongside one another to make the decisions most suitable for any situation. When working collaboratively, you have better insight into decisions being made.

Efficient technology

In addition to our state-of-the-art platform, our back-end systems were designed and built with Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence at the core, allowing our users to perform tasks much quicker, giving advisors and investors more time back in their day.

Reduced costs

We have the privilege of building from the ground up, radically altering the way we provide both technology and customer service. Because we have shed antiquated practices and rather, focused on the needs of our advisors and their clients, we can reduce costs to all parties on our platform.


Meet our team

Our team is committed to blazing a new frontier

Entrustody team members are passionate about creating a new paradigm - one where the system is aligned for all participants. We have nearly 100 years of experience in asset management, financial services, and clearing -- knowing the constraints that are preventing advisors from providing optimal service to their clients.

Patrick Moeller

Founder & CEO


Patrick founded Entrustody in response to what he saw as a broken financial system impacting the everyday lives of normal people. He is driven by his passion and commitment to serve others by creating equal access and opportunity, and is dedicating the next phase of his life to leveling the financial playing field. He is constantly seeking like-minded partners who share his vision for promoting better access, trust and alignment in financial services.

Patrick has significant experience working with advisors and investors across the country. As a Product Strategist for Pacific Heights Asset Management, he forged key partnerships and initiatives, helping increase the firm’s assets by billions. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS from Bentley University. He is also a CAIA Charterholder and holds Series 7 and 63 licenses.

Greg Thornhill

Head of Operations


Greg leads Entrustody’s efforts to implement and refine our platform and operational strategy. He is a veteran in the clearing business, with 20 years of experience at Schwab’s mutual fund clearing business. As VP & General Manager, he oversaw an increase of $160 billion AUM over a 6-year period.


Greg has also consulted on strategy and broker-dealer operations with a range of firms in the finance space.

Alex Weathers, PhD

Chief Scientist


Alex advises Entrustody’s development and implementation of models, metrics and systems. His background is in engineering and data science. He has served in a number of consulting roles, including Director of Operations for a startup in Saudi Arabia, and has developed algorithms for commercial applications.


Alex holds a doctorate from Johns Hopkins, where he published research on applied machine learning in computational biology, and a SB in Chemical Engineering from MIT.

Strategic advisors

In addition to a seasoned team, we have intentionally built a strategic advisor group to ensure we are true to our mission. Each member of our strategic advisor team is deeply rooted in the financial services industry and is wholly-supportive of disrupting how advisors and their clients interact with custodians.

Glenn Hubbard, Ph.D.
  • Chairman of the Board, MetLife, Inc.

  • Dean Emeritus and Russell L. Carson Professor of Economics and Finance, Graduate School of Business, and Professor of Economics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University

  • Co-Chair, Committee on Capital Markets Regulation, an independent nonprofit research organization

Scott Goebel
  • Prior General Counsel, Fidelity Asset Management

  • Former SVP and Head of Investment Services at Fidelity Investments

Oki Matsumoto
  • Chairman & CEO of Monex, Inc.

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, TradeStation Group, Inc.

  • Chairman of Coincheck, Inc.

  • Outside Director, Mastercard Incorporated

Daniel Isenberg, Ph.D.
  • CEO at Entrepreneurship Policy Advisors

  • Professor of Management, Columbia Business School

  • Professor of Entrepreneurship Practice, Babson

  • Professor at Babson, HBS, Harvard Kennedy, Columbia Business School

Join us in blazing a new frontier